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Claude à Mme Ryder, 25 décembre 1941.
Claude à Mme Ryder, 25 décembre 1941.
Yukon Archives: 91/112 f. 2, MSS 365
Instabilité et incertitude

Dec. 25 th , 41

My Dear Mother

Your letter written early in December with the M.O. enclosed for my Xmas gift reached me only yesterday altho is was sent by Air Mail. It seems to have been unusually long en route, but our air service this winter has not been very regular owing chiefly to poor flying conditions.

However, it arrived safely, that's something to be thankful for. I can tell you, your gift is certainly much appreciated – much! Just now, I can't say exactly what I want to buy with it, but I'll select some little photographic gadget I think so that I can say “Now – this is Mother Ryder's Xmas Box to me.”

There's sure to be something I need very badly (of course) – something I'm sure I can't get along without. So at this writing I will say that I wish to you a whole-hearted ‘Thank-you.' Though why you should send so much I don't know. Five dollars is quite a lot these days. It was very dear of you , and I loved it. I'll tell you later on what I select.

I'm pleased to say that I had a very pleasant Xmas – as pleasant as I could possibly expect with my sweetheart away from me. I have, as you perhaps already know a very nice home to stay in – one of the nicest in town: and excellent company: have had everything of the best during the holidays and last, but by no means least, have had encouraging news from Mary though at this date I have not of course heard about her Xmas. She was looking forward with much pleasure to having her Dinner with a party at Bishop and Mrs. Geddes in Vancouver , so I am hoping to hear her account of it within the next week or so.

I know that you will be hearing regularly from her – some of you at any rate, so there is no need for me to tell you anything of her affairs. She does seem to be getting on – physically I mean – and has gained in weight, which is a good sign and makes me feel that the trip will be well worth it.

At this writing, I think it is more than likely that I may go out myself before very long. There is little change of getting anything to us now before the beginning of April anyway, and although I am able to live very economically just now, it is not exactly the sort of life to lead – indefinitely.

Recently I got some valuable suggestions and advice here that has virtually caused me to decide in favor of pulling out of the North, and altho I have decided nothing definite, I do feel that that is what I shall do in the near future. I have already got a letter away to Mary discussing the matter with her, so am more or less depending on her reply before making a final decision.

So you will hear more of this later. Give my love to the girls. I shall be writing them in a day or two most likely.

With much love to you and again many thanks

Your affectionate Son


Please tell Mark that I got his card yesterday too and thank him and Myra .

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