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Claude's response to Dr, Merriam. March 13, 1931
Claude's response to Dr, Merriam. March 13, 1931
Yukon Archives: 91/112 f. 3 MSS 365
Wildlife photography mailbox

Ross River , Yukon Terr.


March 2 nd , 1931

Dr. C. Hart Merriam

1919 Sixteenth St .

Washington , D.C.

Dear Sir:

Your letter dated November 7, and held until December 24 of last year has just reached me. The Handbook of Birds also arrived intact. I really scarcely know how to thank you for this latter. I am quite sure that I shall find it helpful to me in my work, although I have not yet had the time to look at it closely. But when I asked you to send me any literature on Birds that you might have to spare I certainly did not expect you to send me a perfectly new book – and to say merely that I appreciate your kind thought and generous action, is putting it far too mildly.

I had the presumption of writing to Taverner at the same time that I wrote your letter, and the same mail that brought your letter – the first since last July – also brought me a most delightfully chatty and friendly letter from him, which I enjoyed thoroughly. Yes, I have admired so much the wonderful Alan Brook's pictures in Taverner's book. I think they are perfect.

With reference to your remark about killing a grizzly bear, [Underlined not by author], I must say that I do not do much hunting with a rifle – most of my hunting nowadays is done with a camera. However, many of the trappers up here do kill grizzlies of course, and I shall certainly do what I can to secure the skull. Of course I cannot promise definitely when I could send it, but I will do my best.

Once more thanking you sincerely for your consideration and kindness.

Very truly yours,
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