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Mary's final letter to her father, September 27, 1926.
Mary's final letter to her father, September 27, 1926.
Yukon Archives: 91/112 f. 2, MSS 365
Dawson mailbox

Dawson – Sept.27 [1926]

Dearest Daddy

I was so pleased to receive your letter – especially since I realize that it is hard to write when you are not feeling so strong – but – Papa dear – much as I love to hear from you – I'd rather you would not over tax yourself – if the attempt to write does mean that.

You certainly are ‘getting on' with your typing though. It is beautifully done. I forgot the letter & did know about it – long ago. Haven't touched a type writer since I left home – though we have one here in the house which Claude uses – frequently.

I am alone tonight – it seems strange to be alone of an evening – but Claude feels that he should go to orchestra practice now – for he has bought the drum outfit – and needs the practice – as he's never turned his hand at that. They need a drummer in the orchestra very badly now – as the only two in town have gone ‘outside' this summer.

I never get lonely though – he is only gone about two and a half hours. I spent the evening – so far – doing some mending – practicing on the piano – then – I set the table for breakfast – did up a few old clothes I want to give away – not old clothes – but things we can't use – and now- I've just come back from starting a fire in the stove – out in the tent – so it will be nice and warm when my sweetheart comes home, to go to bed.

Things are going very smoothly – my electric washer is such a help – and then – the cooking is very simple – for we aren't doing any entertaining.

There is plenty of time to rest – and I've reached the point where it is harder to ‘read' then to be busy – but perhaps I won't always have to do it.

Sometimes I feel as though it was a mistake to be married and settle up here – that is – before I knew how the climate was going to agree with me – it doesn't seem fair to Claude – I've caused him so much worry – ever since our wedding day – I [?] – nobody knows the future – and there's nothing to do but the best one can. I'm

Thankful to be [?] – at any rate – and to feel that Claude is happy – he is never sick – it must seem hard for him to realize what it means not to be strong – and I should think it [?] be very boring – tiresome.

Daddy, have you decided to go to the hospital? I hope it isn't necessary – but if it is – why – I believe I'd go – do everything you can, Daddy dear. If you see Dr Pomtris[?], tell him I said “hello” – I always liked him very much. He must be getting on wonderfully with his surgery – just think – he was only an interne while I was in training. Is Dr. Atler doing any work now? I heard he was ill.

Our pups are getting awfully big – and we both just love them – especially Malt. They are much more lovable than the ones we had last year. Yesterday I took them (The three pups – and their mother) – down town – to meet Tidd. They were no trouble at all – going down – listened very well – but as soon as we turned a corner – and spied Claude – you should have seen them tear across the street after him! It amused every body on the street – and especially Claude. He loves to be fussed over – even by the dogs.

The country is so beautiful now. I think I never saw it so lovely.

I enjoyed Mrs. Burkes little visit so much – she's the nearest person I've got – like a mother – in this country. We went to the ‘movies' – and shopped – and chatted – it did me good to have her.

Well Papa – I must be looking after my fire in the tent – from the window I see sparks flying out the stove pipe – alarmingly – I guess Claude will bless me for burning up all his kindling and shavings – it usually [?] all in sight – for me to start a fire.

I nearly started a fire in [?] trying the other day. I emptied some ashes into the ash can – which was full of paper – a few live coals were among them – and when I noticed it – the whole thing was smoking dreadfully. It was standing right next to the house too. I was startled – but had to laugh at the pups. They were all three watching it so gravely and curiously – I guess they thought is was some new game!

Well Daddy dear – thanks again for your nice letter. Give my love to all – and keep on getting stronger! I shall be so happy if you get to be your old self again – soon.

Your loving Mary

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