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Christmas letter, 1944.
Christmas letter, 1944.
Yukon Archives: 91/112 f. 7 MSS 365
Old Crow mailbox

Merry Christmas.

Old Crow, Y.T.

Christmas, 1944.

Hello Folks:

I'm hoping that this will reach you in time to let you know that I'm thinking of you and wishing you the same old Christmas Wish.

Once again we are back again up North, this time in charge of a Trading Post for the Northern Commercial Company. Almost the whole population of our little isolated settlement is Indian. In addition, we have a married Corporal of the R.C.M. Police and his wife, and one man working with him; also a young married Missionary and his wife. There are also two or three other white men living here.

Things have changed a great deal of course, since I spent three years up in this same district with the Police – more years ago than I really care to think about – although some of the older Indians still remain.

We are very isolated up here; our last boat containing our supplies for the next eight months arrived about the end of September, and we do not expect to have another boat until next June. We hope, though, to have the luxury of perhaps two or maybe three mails by air during the winter months. However, we are fortunate in that we do have radio communication every day with Dawson – our Police Corporal being the Operator. We do, of course have a good radio set and usually get excellent reception.

Lack of space prevents me saying much more; Mary must have her share – so

Cheerio and the best of luck


Dear Folks;

This brings you the very warmest greetings and good wishes that I know how to send. From away up here, the remembrance of our happy associations stands out in such vivid detail, and I wish I could tell you what they mean to me.

Old Crow is a dream of a place. Its every-day life is unbelievably picturesque. Positively everybody seems happy – they don't seem to know what worry means.

Since the day of our arrival, we've been terribly busy and even now are nothing like settled, but we are well and happily located with interesting work and perfectly wonderful neighbours. We are exceedingly glad for these things, as we most certainly should be.

I'll try to write before long; I couldn't so far, but I think of you very often and hope you are keeping well.

With love and once again the best of good wishes from your same old friend and Cousin


Happy New Year.
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