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Claude's teacher's certificate.
Claude's teacher's certificate.
Yukon Archives: 91/112 f. 10, MSS 365
Claude’s life before Mary
All manner of occupations

Claude Britiff Tidd was born in 1886 to two school teachers and grew up with his three younger sisters in Dersingham, Norfolk, England. When Claude received his teacher’s certificate on January 1 in 1908, he seemed destined to follow in his parents’ professional footsteps. In 1910, however, he left England for North America to seek his own path through all manner of other occupations. In 1926, the year after he married Mary, he recounted his early Canadian experiences in a letter to his father-in-law.

“It suffices to say that like many another Englishman who comes to this country – I’ve tried many jobs – gaining experience, but little else. I’ve been on a farm, worked in a store, on a survey party, played the piano in a movie show, worked in a roundhouse, and fired a locomotive and finally joined the police in 1914 … I came north in 1915.” (91/112 f. 2, MSS 365 Claude Tidd to Father Ryder April 6, 1926, Dawson City)
    Policing "the real frontier"